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Bringing Back God Church Testimony and Experiences

January 11th 2014

I’m a thirty two year old guy with two step kids and an 8 week old baby.  My wife was busted for violating her parole just before Christmas.  I work two jobs.  My wife’s mom helps watch the kids, but I’m really struggling to make ends meet. I met Pastor John Collins from a church in Bristol, Bringing Back God, in a parking lot near where I was trying to pay for my title loan.  I was crying because they were going to repo my car and I didn’t know what to do.  He invited me to come by the church.  I figured why not, I had a few minutes.  I took the kids, one of them was the baby in a carrier.  John and Jeff took my loan payment information and paid my bill for the month! This gave me the money to be able to buy my kids Christmas presents that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Thank you Bringing Back God.
Jason Fuller

The weather has been terrible this winter. I was so cold last week that I couldn’t stay in my home and drove around until I had very little gas.  I didn’t have any money to buy gas, but I happened to drive by the church in my neighborhood that was closed for three years and saw a bunch of cars out front.  I wandered in to the congregation room to get warm and saw that there was a sermon going on.  The pastor was John Collins and the church is Bringing Back God in Bristol, Tennessee. He was running up and down the aisle praising God and Jesus and telling of how bad of a sinner he was that he needed to see the cross with binoculars and now he is so close he gets splinters in his hands!.  Then he did something I never saw, he ran up the aisle and threw open the doors and shouted to the neighborhood about how he loved Jesus! I never saw anything like it ever.  After the service, one of the church members took me to the cafeteria and made me a hot meal.  I was able to get warm, get a meal and meet some Christians who really don’t judge and mean it when you say love thy neighbor.  I will be going back.

Roberta Masterson

January 9th 2014

"I am writing to let everyone know that there is a wonderful new church in Bristol, Tn.  It is Bringing Back God Church and Pastor Collins has lit a fire under my seat.  I have to admit that I have been lazy in my faith and have not been consistent in my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have taken for granted His sacrifice and have not put any effort into gaining entry to Heaven.  I just assumed that was where I was going.  I consider myself a good person, am not too nasty with my attitude and I do try and give to the needy every so often.

Wow, just typing that makes me realize again my selfishness.  I came and listened to one of the services a few Sunday's ago.  I felt just that after hearing the passion and insistence in Pastor Collins sermon.

I knew that I had to change things.  I know it will take time but I believe that I just may see the kingdom one day and that is because Pastor John Collins inspired me to get it right.  And that is what I am going to do, with his help and all of the other wonderful staff at Bringing Back God Church.

With Many Thanks,
Betty Underwood"

"    I wanted to say that I am really looking forward to your blog talk.  It will be helpful to be able to hear your sermons and to hear what you have to say about God and Jesus and the Cross more often.

I have always enjoyed coming to church and hearing you preach.  You are full of the Holy Spirit and I know that you have changed my life.

Thank you for inspiring me to get closer to the cross.  I am praying more and I am trying to read the bible more.  But, it is hard to find the time which is why I am so looking forward to being able to listen to you on the internet.  Thank you for your passion for God and for helping me to love Jesus more and more each day.
Judy Forester"

January 3rd 2014

Via Facebook Comment:

Jeremy Stiffler;  "Hearing Pastor John Collins preach is awesome, WATCHING him do it ignites a true passion within to serve Christ."

December 25th, 2013

"My children and I have had a rough year; no where near as rough as some and we count our blessings daily but, times have been harder than usual recently.

I am a single mother of three beautiful children, my eldest, my biological child, is a young adult coping with mild autism, a brain disorder, heart condition, asthma and anxiety. She is a beautiful, caring, loving and giving young woman who hurts when her mama hurts and doesn't know how to help.

My two youngest children are former foster children that I adopted.  My middle child, drug exposed in-utero, suffers with Reactive Attachment Disorder and PTSD.  Before she came to me, she and her elder sister were emotionally abused and neglected and suffered a trauma that no child ever should-they awoke one morning to find their pregnant mother had passed out and laying on top of their 18 month old sister who died as a result of the suffocation.  The child that this mother was pregnant with is my beautiful baby boy; he is now 13 and also suffers with the effects of in-utero drug exposure and is functionally blind in his left eye.

My middle child ran away from home two years ago and has been lost to methamphetamine addiction; she is now prostituting in the Watts area of Los Angeles, California with her elder sister.  My son feels that he is cursed to follow in his biological family's footsteps and struggles each day to overcome what he feels is his destiny.  He is such a gentle soul; I hurt with him when he cries over the loss of his birth family and especially his sister, my daughter, whom we all miss desperately.

Until recently, my children and I found solace in our home where we lived 17 years.  After being laid off from three separate jobs over the past 7 years, I went back to college, earned my MSW and began working with foster children again with my State's Children's Services.  Unfortunately, the repeated lay-off's and months without work put me in a financial crisis and I had no choice but to file bankruptcy.  Unbeknownst to me, my mortgage was not reaffirmed after the bankruptcy and the bank that owned my mortgage decided that our home was more valuable to them if they foreclosed on it; despite all efforts to save our home, we were forced to move this past October.

To try and finance the move, I sold as many things as I could-including my son's childhood bunk bed which he said he had outgrown anyway (such a selfless, beautiful boy).  My daughter's bed was built into the house and could not move with us.  Since October, although we are blessed to be in a warm house, are clothed, and my small salary feeds us, my children have been sleeping on mattresses on their bedroom floors.

Through the generosity of an Angel on earth, our story was sent to the ears of Pastor John and Ms. White and thanks to the Bringing Back God Church, my children received the gift of beds this Christmas.  I am humbled by this generosity and thank you, profoundly, from the bottom of my heart.

Kelli Scott"

"On Monday Dec.16th

My son, who is a roofer, fell off a roof in Clearfield PA he had been life flighted to Altoona Trauma center where they worked on him to save his life and by the grace of God and his healing hands.

They found my son broke his back in 4 places shattered his T12 vertebra Broke his ribs, broke his shoulder, and collar boned had to have emergency surgery and did the next day.

I dropped to my knees an asked God to save my son, he did, and this whole time one incredible man Pastor John Collins texted me, called me several times a day wanting to come to my side from Tennessee.

I said no, do gods work there, just pray with me for my son and he did, none stop.  Pastor John called me every night for updates and would tell me this will happen tomorrow expect it, he said my sons pain will ease the next day, he said Wilma, he will get out of that trauma unit and today and the next night he said, expect a miracle.

So as this most amazing man of God said, my son's pain eased, he made it threw surgery and after being told my son will never walk or be able to bear weight on his leg or move his rite leg the the neurosurgeon enters my son's room and said hi Rick how r u today how's that left leg.

An my son said fine a little sore but I can still move it an keep in mind he could move his left leg but right was lifeless he looked at me and said to his wife hey can u help me lift my leg we got up to help him and he said no wait I can do it, he lifted up his leg wiggled his toes moved his foot and lifted his leg.

So what that man of God told me happened and with all your prayers God is working on my Christmas miracle, and Pastor John Collins I Love you and are entirely a real man of God in word and prayers that have gotten me threw this and proven once again to me that you do you say and you ask for nothing in return but to follow that cross.

Thank you for the money for the place while in Altoona and food to eat and for my son's family's Christmas tree, they were going to get one when he came home Monday nite and go Christmas shopping but all of that did not happen but you made that tree happen for my grandkids.

And that eased my son's mind what a wonderful amazing true man of God you are and now trying to raise money for gifts for my grandkids for under that tree I love you God Bless you and thank you all, keep praying for My son and we ask our Lord and savior to heal the nerves in my son's back an legs I luv u all and can't express my luv for u all enough.

Wilma Herr Myers

I can say with out doubt in my mind that Pastor John Collins is truly an amazing man of God, he was brought to this town as a vessel of Jesus Christ to share the good word of the gospel and to teach us to love they neighbor.

Pastor John has done alot to help the community of Marietta and to bring the people of this community not only together as a whole but to be brought together as a stronger foundation for this community as Christians.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear Pastor John preach you have truly missed out. Get out there and hear what message Pastor John has for you.

Chris Mcardel

It’s tough to admit you’re an addict.  It is something that you struggle with every day of your life.

I was on parole for possession, and I couldn’t help myself from using again.  I went to an AA meeting at Bringing Back God to try to help myself there.  I met a church member who talked me into coming to church on Thursday night rather than wandering around the town “jonesing” for a fix.

The pastor was speaking about a guy in New York who was a pastor for gangs and drug addicts.  I thought man, people really care? His word of hope was that God didn’t care if you were an alcoholic or a drug addict, that you could be born new and not have to worry about being on drugs.

Then he spoke about some kids who were helped by the church to get their lives straight after being arrested this past summer.  I felt a sense of peace in my heart and decided that I needed to change. The church helped me get into a rehab when there weren’t any beds available for three weeks.  A miracle.  In three weeks I would have been dead.  Now that I’m out, I go to Bringing Back God as much as I can.  The pastor’s message of hope and faith through prayer and knowing that there are other addicts in the rows help me know that I can make it with God’s help. God bless Bringing Back God church.

Ryan Forbes
December 7, 2013

Bringing Back God Church is doing some amazing things in the community of Marietta! We were blessed to play there this morning and met some fantastic people with life changing stories. We left filled with the Holy Spirit after a phenomenal energy filled message. Head on over and check out their page, and if you have the chance to stop in for a message on Sunday morning, you won't be sorry! Thanks so much for having us!
Ninth Hour Legacy

Today I walked into a new church called Bringing Back God here in Bristol.

I wasn't expecting to see the Pastor, just wanted a meal if I could get one. I slept on the street the night before and as a black man, not trying to be prejudice about it, but its hard to get help, I walked in the church and spoke to a guy in a cowboy hat sitting at a desk, I told him my name and axed him if I could speak to the man in charged he said yes sir but you would have to get on your knees to do that cause its God he said, who is in charge,

I laughed and told him about me, he cried with me real tears, he cried, than he went to the kitchen and made me eggs and toasts, he made it and served me, he found me a place to sleep tonight gave me a few dollars too. I telled him I wanted to tells people about him, he said no, but he let me uste the church computer to writes this. I don't rightfully knows if there be a god or not but if peoples like him believes in it maybe i should think a little harder about it.

Jeffrey Nanhaul

Pastor John Collins has been such a great inspiration to me! He is more than a pastor to me, he is one of the people I know I can count on for absolutely anything and anytime I need it. Thank you Pastor John for everything!!!

Kailey Grace

As a diabetic on kidney dialysis three times a week and on social security, I don’t have a whole lot of money to my name.  I lost all my belongings in a fire and the landlord said because I didn’t have renters insurance, there was nothing he could do for me.  The church across the street, Bringing Back God, always has the doors open, I needed some place to be warm, so I went inside and sat down.  Such peace.

The church felt like it wrapped around me and touched my heart.

I must have sat there for fifteen minutes and cried. I guess someone heard me, because next thing I knew, this really tall cowboy came in and sat down beside me.

His name was Pastor John Collins.  He talked to me for probably an hour and spoke of God and Jesus and told me that I was loved and that God cared about me even though I am a poor and very heavy woman with dead kidneys. He cried with me at one point. I learned that God doesn’t give me anything I can’t handle….

I felt like I was so overwhelmed why bother when I went in, but after sitting and talking to Pastor John, the weight had been lifted from my heart. He and the church helped me find an apartment, a refrigerator, furniture, and clothes that fit.  He didn’t ask for anything in return but to find my way to the cross by way of Jesus.  People just aren’t like this anymore.  I am so blessed.  

Becky Gainer

I lost my job just before it got cold in Marietta this November.  I had enough money to pay for electric but I didn’t have wood for heat or enough money for food.  I couldn’t qualify for unemployment.

My mother read about a church in town called Bringing Back God and told me I should call them, maybe they knew someone who could help.  I called and spoke to the Pastor, John Collins.  We talked for a while and I felt like a door was being opened for me. Within a few hours, someone delivered wood to my home and gave me two bags of food.  I cried. The man told me to come to church on the next Sunday.

My mother and I both went and Pastor John Collins spoke of how a church congregation is a family and that we all need to help each other….a hand up not a hand out. There was a Thanksgiving dinner for the congregation family the next Saturday….we went and every person there spoke to us as if we had been going for there for years.

So many churches are so snobby.  These people and the pastor didn’t care that I couldn’t read, couldn’t do math and didn’t have much to my name.  They made me and my mother feel the blessing of Christian love.  

Raymond Roberts

Shaking hands and a stagger gave me away as a drunk. My neighbors didn’t even know that I drank from the time I got up at seven o’clock until I went to bed at midnight. My wife never said anything about my shakes or my drunkenness even when I drove her to work.

I could have killed us both looking back. One day my wife went to a yard sale at Bringing Back God and met my neighbors there. They said she should bring me to church sometime, meet Pastor John.  They didn’t know about my demons of drinking.

Why would I want to go to church.  She never asks me to do much, but when she came home as excited as she was, I couldn’t tell her no.  We went to church and Pastor John Collins spoke of someone in the congregation who was an alcoholic and someone who was a drug addict. He said hope is like sunshine, everyone needs a ray of it.  He talked about how Jesus forgives us for our sins and we are born new.

If I chose to, I wouldn’t be a recovering alcoholic, I would be a new person.  I never thought of that before-and I avoided church as much as possible. Who would talk to a drunk like me.  I found out my neighbors didn’t care if I was an alcoholic, didn’t care if I shuffled or slurred my speech. They accepted me as I was. I stopped drinking that Sunday.

I spoke to Pastor John for about a half hour after service. I haven’t had a drink in 14 weeks.  I look for ways to help the church now instead of looking for a bar. I truly am a new person through Jesus and his love. Thank you Pastor John.      
Lyndon Welsh

Pastor John is a good guy. Me girl and I was having sum problems. And he sat us down and talked to us. Asxd us if we really wanted to be with each other. Found out that no we didn't wanna be wit each other. Pastor John helped me find out that I had some mental issues and got me in a place to get help. Real glad to have met pastor john. If he and Bringing Back God wouldn't have been there I would a bin in a relationship that was bad. Thanks pastor Collins.

I am truly a sinner and I told Pastor John Collins and the congregation family that was there at Bringing Back God during a yard sale that the day I actually came to church lightening would strike it and burn it down.  The next week I lost my home and I couldn’t find a place to stay with my two dogs. I was devastated.

I called Pastor John suicidal and he told me that God had a purpose for me in the church, that I needed to come to church, and that life would change for me if I did.  Three months later, the church family and Pastor John reached out to me. I have a home, my fine was paid for parole, I have a job through Faith at Work that helps me and the church, I have a truck, and the blessings just keep on coming.

All I needed was to find the faith that Pastor John spoke of through loving and finding Jesus.  I love Jesus and I love God. All I have to do is pray and pray like I mean it and I am blessed.  I am so thankful for the friendship and the caring by the congregation of Bringing Back God and Pastor John.

Mara Wilders

There was a pregnant girl that was a friend of mine that came into Bringing Back God one day.

She was excited because the church was open and she could attended church once again. Now my friend was making it from pay check to pay check but there were a few times when she would have to ask for help so she would have to ask her mom. And her mom being a loving mom and a christian mom would help her. One of the times she asked her mom for help it happened to be in the church with pastor john collins.

Pastor john said go ahead and help her to the girls mom but told the girl when you have your baby you have no need to worry, you just come see me and everything will be alright.

My friend told me about this and when her baby was born the church helped her just like they said they would. She has a healthy baby and is much happier now than she was before.

Bringing Back God is a church that not only talks the talk but walks thee walk. They didn't judge my friend for being an unwed mother and they helped her with no questions asked. Pastor John and bringing back god truly gave her a blessing.

Jo and I had a problem and we were taught when you have a problem you go seek the advice of the pastor. So when bringing back god opened its doors we knew that the pastor there would be able to help us. See Jo and I were having a hard time find I a job and had no place to stay. So we talked to pastor john and he helped us find a place to stay for a few days, gave us some food from the churches own kitchen and told us he would help ol Jo and I find some work. Jo and I have had a job now for a while and we are able to have a place to live. Thank you pastor john and bringing back god for all your help.

Sincerely Lue

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