Friday, September 6, 2013

Pastor John Collins; the Best kept Secret in the Ministry.

Pastor John Collins of Marietta Pennsylvania is rapidly bring hope into the lives of local, and his reach does not end there.

Pastor John Collins is the kind of man who reaches into the dark, the unknown, to make sure those residing there are safe.

Pastor John Collins has an uncommon approach to bringing god back into the lives of those who cross his path or reach out to him. He brings hope and helps those who reach to him to keep up the faith in a better tomorrow, where all they dream to be will be a reality.

Pastor John Collins is the kind of guy who will help you to higher ground without making you feel shame or guilt for where you have been.

Most have not heard of Pastor John Collins, a Pastor for the Bringing Back God church in Marietta Pennsylvania, however it is time to let the secret out about Pastor John Collins.

If you are ever in Marietta Pennsylvania check out the Bringing Back God Church. I have personally known Pastor John Collins for over 3 years now, he has been my Pastor, my friend and a constant lighthouse of hope in my life.

Pastor John Collins has been a Lighthouse in the Storms of my life for over 3 years, Guiding me Safely to the shore.  Pastor Collins has been a Rock in the heavy currents of my life that threatened to take me away from God. When I can no longer fight and need to just hold on, I reach for Pastor John Collins and he has never failed to be there for me.

Pastor John Collins; A Lighthouse in my dark, showing me to the shore with his light.

Pastor John Collins stood up for me, and beside me as the tumultuous ebb and flow of my life that threatened to extinguish my light. Pastor John Collins made seeming impossible miracles happen in my life over and over, and kept that light burning bright.

Pastor John Collins battened down the hatches So I could weather the storms that life threw at me, year after year.

Pastor John Collins has been a lighthouse of hope to me for years unrelenting in positive and hopeful support, never ending stories of scripture and biblical example to get me through and relentless strength and perseverance to keep me from losing faith in God and in myself.

Pastor John Collins has kept hope alive in me from the minute I came into contact with him. And has not failed me since this time.

Pastor John Collins is truly a down to earth, non-judgemental pastor of the people.

Pastor John Collins knows the Bible better then anyone I have ever met, and can recite scripture and analogy endlessly in effort to help those who come to him for help, advice and support.

Pastor John Collins knows what it takes to overcome adversary and is a guide, counsel for those of us seeking the way out.  For me , personally I will only listen, actually hear, and take guidance from someone who has been there.

Everyone I loved, everyone I helped and gave all my money, time, support and hope to tirelessly for decades turned their back on me and left me in the desert per say, waiting for the vultures Pastor John Collins watched over me while I gained strength to stand again, gave me hope endlessly, kept the light in me flickering in hopes for a better tomorrow.

Pastor John Collins held me up when all others failed.

I truly believe that Pastor John Collins is a gift to anyone reaching out to him.

Pastor John Collins preaches passionately from the heart and it is a healing to anyone who has the opportunity to hear him preach.

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